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  • 中高頻海事電臺WT-B150

    來源:信息發布     作者:信息發布人員     發布時間:2020年04月26日     瀏覽次數:         

    MF/HF SSB Radio with CLASS-A DSC  WT-B150

    產品概述/ Product overview

    WT-B150中高頻海事電臺是GMDSS系統的重要組成部分,產品采用最先進的軟件無線電技術和射頻數字化技術,提供了強大的接收、發射和操作性能,全面符合IEC 61097-9、IEC 493-13等規范要求;同時,產品還提供了豐富的擴展功能和接口。

    WT-B150 is an important part of GMDSS system, adopting the most advanced software radio technology and digital RF technology. It provides strong performances of receiving, transmission and operation and is fully compliant with the standards of IEC 61097-9, IEC 493-13 and other international standards. Besides, WT-B150 provides many extended functions and interfaces.

    功能及用途/ Function:


    According to WT-A150 and its derivatives are necessary equipment for vessels operating in A2-A4 sea area. Besides, land users also can choose suitable derivatives of WT-A150 as needed.

    產品特點/ Feature


    Convenient installation for users by the separated design of control unit and main unit.


      200W rate of work ensures the stability of long distance communication.


    Four Operating Modes of SSB, AM, DSC and NBDP.


     One-click answer and forward of distress alarm and help signal.


      Auto-squelch function.


     Fully compliant with the standards of IMO relevant to Digital selective-calling system.



     Six simultaneously distress channel on duty, six routine scan channel on duty, and one SSB fixed frequency channel on duty.Automatic calibration function of clock frequency offset and excellent performance of frequency error.


    Internal and external switch for GPS.


    Desktop installation and embedded installation.


    The function of remote software upgrade.

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