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  • 船載北斗定位終端 VRI3

    來源:信息發布     作者:信息發布人員     發布時間:2020年04月26日     瀏覽次數:         

    BD positioning terminals for vessels



     BD positioning terminal of VRI3 vessel is an integrated user terminal which is developed to adapt to the position monitoring and navigation of marine vessels. Integrated Beidou positioning, communication, alarm and other functions, Integrating the design of internal core unit of mainframe, Using special materials to packaging the equipment , Applying to bad working time, like high salt mist, high damp and humid environment and so on. Meanwhile, The power consumption of standby can be further reduced,in order to meet the needs of long time work.



    The ship-borne supervision terminal receives global navigation satellite system (GNSS) signals and forms the ship position information, and periodically sends such information to the system supervision platform by means of wireless communication; through data receiving, processing and integration, the system supervision system can form the information about ship position, trajectory, port arrival and departure visa records, send an alarm of exception, and display it on the system supervision platform and manager’s cell phone, so as to provide the basis of law enforcement for scientific and efficient management.



    • 全天候:全密封設計,防水耐腐蝕;
    • All weather: Full-sealing design, water-proof and corrosion-resistant;
    • 全時段:太陽能充電,無需船電,始終在線;
    • Full time: It is charged with solar energy, no need marine power supply, and is always online;
    • 全區域:北斗衛星+公網通信,覆蓋亞太地區;
    • All areas: Beidou satellite + public network communication, covering Asian -Pacific region;
    • 示位標:沉船后自動浮離,自動發出報警信號;
    • Emergency position-indicating radio beacon: After the ship sinks, the beacon will automatically float and send the alarm signals;
    • 優點多:免維護、免布線、防拆卸、遠程升級;
    • Various advantages: Maintenance-free, wiring-free, anti-dismantling, and remote upgrade;


    • 短信接收:氣象、管理通知等信息全區域接收;
    • SMS receiving: Weather, management notification and other information can be received in full region;
    • 短信發送:船與船、船與手機全區域短信互發;
    • SMS sending: SMS can be sent between ship and ship, ship and mobile phone in full region;
    • 一鍵報警:緊急情況下可手動發出求救信號;
    • One-touch alarm: Distress signal can be sent manually in an emergency;
    • 實用便捷:大屏液晶、手寫輸入、語音播報;

    Practical and convenient: Big-screen LCD, handwriting input, voice broadcast;

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