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  • 北斗衛星緊急無線電示位標(BD-EPIRB)

    來源:信息發布     作者:信息發布人員     發布時間:2020年04月26日     瀏覽次數:         




      The position indicator will pop up automatically from the release device and float on the water surface when the ship is in distress and sinking. Then, the Beidou short message signal on the ship information and the current location will be transmitted. Finally, the signal is transmitted to the ground search and rescue center by Beidou geostationary satellite, thus achieving timely rescue that covers the Asia-Pacific region.

      相比傳統406MHz EPIRB示位標,VEP8BD增加了取消報警功能,可對誤發信號進行取消操作;VEP8BD還能接收搜救中心發出搜救進展情況,增強了遇險者獲救信心。

      Compared with traditional 406MHz EPIRB position indicator, VEP8BD adds the function of canceling alarm, which can cancel the wrong signal. Moreover, VEP8BD can also receive the progress in search and rescue issued by the search and rescue center, which enhances the confidence of persons in distress.


      VEP8BD Beido Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon is designed according to the latest standards, which conforms to the “Technical Rules for Statutory Inspection of Domestic Navigating Vessels” and has obtained Type Approval Certificate of China Classification Society (CCS), so it is suitable for all kinds of domestic ships.

    應用領域/ Application


      Marine safety system for search and rescue

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